How Do I Take a Scheduled Test?

Either a Self Tester or Monitor has the ability to schedule tests. When it is time to take a test, the tester will received a text message.

Please note that the tester has 30 minutes to complete a test. If the test is taken even a minute before or after the scheduled time, it will not count towards that test and it will be listed as missed. The result will still be available in the app, but will still not count towards that scheduled test.

To take a scheduled test, please follow the steps below:

  1. You will receive a text message notification when it is time to take your test. Click the link available in that message.

  1. You will be taken to the app where it displays, Turn on Your BACtrack. Press the silver power button on your breathalyzer to turn it on. Please make sure your Bluetooth and Location Services are enabled on your phone.

  1. The screen will show when the device is connected.

  1. Next, Get Ready to Test will display and the app will show you an image of how to hold the phone or tablet and your breathalyzer.

  1. It will then let you know to take a deep breath. Please make sure your face is within the oval on the screen.

  1. Next, it will display: Blow Continuously for 6 seconds. Blow into the breathalyzer for the full 6 seconds.

  1. The app will display: Preparing to Upload.

  1. It will then show you the uploading screen. Please be sure to wait until it has fully uploaded 100% and you see the screen in the next step.

  1. It will display your result and the image. Click Close at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Your test will display at the bottom of the calendar.