How Do I Change a Connection's Role?

The connections on an account can be a monitor or an accountability partner. Please follow the steps below to change the role of a connection on your account.

Note: Only a self tester, tester who is the billing party, or a monitor can complete this process.

  1. Log into the BACtrack View App.

  1. Click the Contacts Icon at the bottom left of the app.

  1. There you will be able see all of your current contacts.

  1. Click on the connection that you would like to edit.

  1. Click Change Role.

  1. A pop up will appear to confirm your decision to switch them to another role. Click Yes to continue.

  1. Another pop up will appear letting you know their role has been changed. Click Ok.

Note: If your connection has not yet accepted their invitation, you will only be able to remove their invite when completing Step 5. You will then have to add them back as a new connection with the correct role.