How Do I Set Up a Random Testing Schedule?

BACtrack View allows you to set up a randomized schedule. You will select the days, time range, number of random tests, and our system will generate that many random tests between the specified hours.

To create this type of schedule, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the BACtrack View App.

  1. Click the Plus Icon at the bottom right of the calendar.

  1. If you would like this random schedule to repeat, click the toggle next to Repeat Test. If not, do not click the toggle.

  1. Click Test Start Date to select the date you would like the schedule to begin. If this is not a repeat schedule, please skip to Step 6.

  1. Select the days of the week you would like this schedule to occur. You can select one or multiple days.

  1. Click the toggle next to Randomize Time to enable the randomize options.

  1. Click the Start Time to select the earliest a test would occur.

  1. Click the End Time to select the latest a test would occur.

  1. Enter in the Number of Random Tests you would like to occur between the selected Start Time and End Time.

  1. Click Schedule Test.

  1. A pop up will appear letting you know the schedule has been created. Click Ok.

  1. Exit out of the screen to go back to the calendar.

NOTE: If you need to create multiple random schedules, you can do so by repeating the steps above. This is applicable when you want to set multiple time frames such as 8AM-12PM, 3PM-7PM or if the schedule needs to be different for certain days of the week.