Is My Testing History Saved After I Cancel My Subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, you are given the opportunity to pay $9 per month for BACtrack to securely store your account and testing history. If you decline this option, your account and testing history will be permanently deleted 15 days after your subscription has been canceled. Once this information has been deleted, there is no way to recover it.

Once the account is cancelled, no one from the account will have access to the app. The records are only available to the account holder (billing party) after cancellation by emailing us at and requesting a copy of the activity report. They will be available for as long as data storage is enabled or for 15 days from cancellation if data storage was not enabled.

Please note, if your account cancels automatically due to non payment, your results will not be stored unless you reach out to us to enable data storage before 15 days from cancellation.

If you think you may need access to your testing history at some point in the future, we highly recommend paying for data storage.